Rockies sign Motte to a 2-year deal

The Rockies finally made a move to improve their bullpen as they signed Jason Motte to a 2-year/$10 million contract on Tuesday. The 33-year old Motte has had a very successful career with a 3.16 ERA. However, he had a disappointing 2015 season with the Cubs as he had a 3.91 ERA. Colorado had a terrible bullpen last season and they have already gotten rid of John Axford and Rex Brothers this offseason. It was clear that the Rockies needed some better pitching overall and Motte should at least be an improvement. Motte will likely be the 8th-inning guy for the Rockies next season and he could even fill in at closer if needed because he has had a lot of experience in that role. Motte at least provides some more stability and experience to Colorado’s bullpen which was desperately needed. It is always hard to predict how pitcher’s will perform at Coors Field, but I really like this signing by Colorado.

Grade: B+ – The Rockies really needed an upgrade in their bullpen and signing Motte should provide more consistency. Motte is a proven relief pitcher and it is a good sign that the Rockies are at least attempting to improve their pitching.

jason motte


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