Qualls signs with the Rockies

On the same day that the Rockies signed Jason Motte to improve their bullpen, they also made another move by signing relief pitcher Chad Qualls to a 2-year/$6 million contract. Qualls is 37 years old and he certainly isn’t the same type of player that he was earlier in his career. However, he has a proven track record as he has a 3.80 ERA and 74 saves in his MLB career. The Rockies needed any bullpen help that they could get this offseason and while Qualls isn’t a very good reliever anymore he still is an upgrade over what Colorado had a year ago. Qualls will likely be the 7th inning guy for the Rockies, but don’t expect him to improve his stats from last year with Houston in which he had a 4.38 ERA. At least Colorado is trying to improve their bullpen in any way they can, but this signing doesn’t fix their problems at all.

Grade: C- – Qualls has had a pretty good MLB career, but he is 37 years old now and he certainly isn’t a great option for any bullpen. Maybe this signing improves the Rockies bullpen in 2016, but in all likelihood it might not improve it all.

chad qualls


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