Samardzija signs with the Giants

Yet another top free agent starting pitcher has been signed as the San Francisco Giants agreed to terms with Jeff Samardzija on a 5-year/$90 million contract on Saturday. Samardzija had a really terrible season in 2015 with the White Sox as he went 11-13 with a 4.96 ERA. However, San Francisco is hoping that he can return to the type of pitcher that he was in 2014 with the Cubs and Athletics. Samardzija is presumably the backup option since the Giants didn’t land Zack Greinke in free agency. Samardzija is very inconsistent, but he has been a proven all-star pitcher in the past which is why the Giants feel confident in giving him this big of a deal. I am really not a big fan of this signing at all for the Giants because Samardzija had a really horrible year in 2015 and it is hard to expect him to be better for San Francisco in 2016 and beyond. A 5-year deal is just too risky and they are paying him too much money that they will lose if things don’t work out. San Francisco is taking a major risk with this signing and it could ultimately work out well for them, but if not then this could be a really bad signing.

Grade: C- – Based on last year’s performance, Samardzija isn’t worth this kind of money. If he can return to the all-star caliber pitcher that he was a couple of years ago then this contract will be worth it for San Francisco. However, this is just too much of a risk for the Giants and there are certainly no guarantees that they will be getting the type of player that they are paying for.

jeff samardzija


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