Greinke signs deal with Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks aren’t waiting until the winter meetings on Sunday to make a big splash as the team agreed to terms with star pitcher Zack Greinke on a 6-year/$206 million contract on Friday. Greinke led the MLB in ERA last season and he has been one of the best pitchers in the MLB for several years now. I knew that Greinke would make his decision on where he would sign soon, but all reports had him going back to the Giants or re-signing with the Dodgers. I was absolutely shocked when I heard that he was signing with the Diamondbacks. Arizona was looking for a number 1 starting pitcher for their rotation, but I didn’t expect them to all out and give Greinke a massive contract. However, the Diamondbacks were 79-83 and they felt heading into this offseason that if they get better starting pitching that they could leap over the Dodgers and Giants for the NL West title. This is a great signing for the Dodgers because now not only does Arizona get one of the pitchers in the game, but they also hurt the Dodgers in the process because Greinke was basically the heart and soul of that team last season. It will be interesting to see if Greinke can perform like he did in Los Angeles since he will now be playing at the hitter-friendly Chase Field in Arizona. This is one of the safest signings despite Arizona paying him so much money because he has a career 3.35 ERA. This signing makes the Diamondbacks rotation so much better all by itself, but they realize to get better that they might have to make yet another signing of a starting pitcher. The Diamondbacks are reportedly interested in Mike Leake, so when this offseason is over expect Arizona’s rotation to be a lot better than it was last season. Arizona is suddenly a major playoff contender because of this move and this signing makes the Diamondbacks a force for many years to come.

Grade: A+ – The Diamondbacks are going all in for the 2016 season and beyond after making this massive move. Greinke is probably the most consistent pitcher in baseball and he makes the Diamondbacks starting rotation and their team in general much better.

zack greinke.jpg


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