Pelfrey agrees to a 2-year deal with the Tigers

Detroit continued to add to their starting rotation on Friday by signing former Twins right-handed pitcher Mike Pelfrey to a 2-year/$16 million. The Tigers already signed Jordan Zimmermann to a 5-year/$110 million deal this offseason, so Pelfrey will likely be the 4th guy in the rotation behind Sanchez, Verlander, and Zimmermann. I’m not particularly a fan of this signing by Detroit as I have him ranked 34th out of 40 free agent pitchers on my list. He has a career 61-81 record with a 4.52 ERA, so I’m not sure what the Tigers are expecting out of this guy. I definitely wouldn’t give Pelfrey $8 million a year if I were Detroit because he hasn’t been very productive in his career. I’d say if Pelfrey has an ERA better than 4 then this would be a really good deal for the Tigers, but I’d ultimately expect him to have an ERA between 4.5 and 5. I felt Detroit could have gotten a better player for the same price and a 2-year deal seems to risky.

Grade: C- – This signing is just too risky for Detroit. Pelfrey has a 4.52 ERA in his career which probably isn’t worth the $8 million that the Tigers gave him. Pelfrey isn’t a bad 4th guy in the rotation, but Detroit probably could have done better for the same price.

mike pelfrey


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