Price agrees to a record $217 million deal with Boston

The top free agent this offseason is off the market as the Boston Red Sox signed star left-handed pitcher David Price to a 7-year/$217 million contract. It is the largest contract for a pitcher in MLB history as it is $2 million more than the contract that the Dodgers gave Clayton Kershaw. Price is undoubtedly a top 3 pitcher in the MLB and he might even be the best pitcher currently. He has a career 3.09 ERA and he will certainly be the ace on the Red Sox pitching staff. Boston had terrible starting pitching last year which is probably the main reason that they underachieved. However, now with Price in the mix he makes the rotation a whole lot better. I thought that Price would sign with the Cubs and his former manager Joe Maddon in free agency, but ultimately it was Price’s connection to former Detroit GM general manager Dave Dombrowski that made him decide to sign with the Red Sox. Boston still has a lot to work to do with their pitching staff to go along with Price, but this signing once again makes them a legitimate contender to make the playoffs next season.

Grade: A+ – It is a lot of money that the Red Sox gave to Price. However, he is well worth the risk because he has been maybe even the most consistent pitcher in the MLB for several years. He makes the Red Sox a lot better and Boston’s pitching should be much improved just because of Price.

david price


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