Reaction: Tigers sign Zimmermann to 5-year deal

Jordan Zimmermann has played his entire career so far with the Washington Nationals, but that all changed on Sunday as the Detroit Tigers signed him to a 5-year/$110 million deal. Zimmermann will never be the type of player that will put up Cy Young award type numbers, but he has been one of the most consistent pitchers in the national league the past few seasons. Zimmermann has made at least 32 starts in the previous 4 seasons and he also hasn’t had an ERA below 3.66 since 2010. Zimmermann is a proven top of the rotation guy and that’s what he’ll be with the Tigers. Detroit’s rotation was really a wreck after Max Scherzer and David Price left, so it was clear that they needed to do something this offseason to become a contender again. Justin Verlander is about to turn 33 years old prior to the 2016 season and it is abundantly clear that he isn’t the all-star pitcher that he used to be. Zimmermann will easily be the number 1 starting pitcher for the Tigers heading into the 2016 season, yet even with the addition of him the team still has a lot of work to do to make their pitching better. I really like this deal from Detroit because they know what they will be getting from him as far as consistency goes.

Grade: B+ – This isn’t a spectacular deal, but consistency is one thing that the Tigers will be getting from Zimmermann and he provides at least a little bit more stability to Detroit’s starting rotation.

jordan zimmermann


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