Happ signs a 3-year deal with Toronto

J.A. Happ is back in Toronto as he agreed to terms with the Blue Jays on a 3-year/$36 million deal on Friday. Happ spent 2012-2014 with Toronto before being traded to Seattle prior to the 2015 season. The Blue Jays aren’t likely to re-sign star pitcher David Price this offseason, so it was obvious that the Blue Jays were going to make some moves to bolster their rotation. However, I don’t know if Happ will be the 3rd guy in the rotation that the Blue Jays are hoping he will be. Happ only has a 4.13 ERA in his career and he wasn’t very successful during his time with Toronto as his best year in 2014 he only had a 4.22 ERA. Happ could be a good addition to the back of the rotation, but in my opinion the Blue Jays paid way too much to get him considering that he hasn’t been too great in his MLB career.

Grade: C- – Happ had a good stint with Pittsburgh during the 2nd half of the 2015 season as he had a 1.85 ERA with them. However, paying him a $12 million average per year is a really risky signing for Toronto considering how inconsistent that he has been.

j.a. happ


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