Jesse Chavez traded to the Blue Jays

The Blue Jays and Athletics agreed to a very strange trade on Friday as Toronto traded relief pitcher Liam Hendriks to Oakland for starting pitcher Jesse Chavez. I kind of like Oakland’s part of this trade as they are getting a player that is under team control at a team-friendly price through at least 2020. Hendriks used to be a starting pitcher, but last year he became a full-time relief pitcher with Toronto and he performed well with a 5-0 record and a 2.92 ERA. He is only 26 years old, so the potential for him to be a reliable reliever is very promising. Hendriks will never be a late-inning guy, although he is useful as a middle relief pitcher and he can fill in at the starting rotation as needed. The only concern that I have for him is that he has only been a relief pitcher for a year and he was horrible as a starting pitcher, so I don’t know exactly how much consistency that Hendriks can provide the Athletics. Meanwhile, Toronto’s part of the deal doesn’t seem to be very good as they are getting a player that has a career record of 24-38 and a 4.55 ERA. It is hard to find a role for Chavez on Toronto’s pitching staff, although I see him fitting in the bullpen better. I don’t particularly see why the Blue Jays want Chavez because he is 32 years old and he will be a free agent after the 2o16 season. Also, Chavez has played for Toronto before and he had a miserable 8.44 ERA in 9 games mostly coming out of the bullpen. This is a tradeĀ that doesn’t make sense for the Blue Jays especially since they are giving up a pitcher who has a sky-high potential.

Athletics Grade: B-

Analysis: Hendriks has lots of potential and he finally had some success as a reliever, but it is unknown if he can have that same type of success with the Athletics.

Blue Jays Grade: D

Analysis: Chavez is 32 years old and it isn’t clear what the Blue Jays will exactly do with Chavez.

jesse chavez


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