Cameron Maybin traded to the Tigers

The Atlanta Braves continue their offseason trading of trading away key players as they dealt center fielder Cameron Maybin to the Tigers for left-handed relief pitcher Ian Krol and minor leaguer Gabe Speier. It was rumored that Maybin was probably going to be traded, but I expected them to get more in return. Maybin basically revived his career with Atlanta last season as he hit 10 home runs and had 59 RBI’s. This trade makes sense for Detroit since Maybin provides them more stability in center field. Anthony Gose has a lot of speed, yet he wasn’t productive offensively as he hit .254 with only 5 home runs. Maybin provides much better power while he can still cover ground in center field as well. Meanwhile, as I mentioned, the Braves got basically nothing in return for Maybin. Ian Krol is only 24 years old, but he has proven nothing at the major league level. Krol has a career 4.91 ERA in 110 MLB appearances and he was terrible last season for Detroit with a 5.79 ERA. Atlanta might have some patience for Krol, but considering how he has played so far in his MLB career it is hard for me to expect that his stats will improve much. Gabe Speier is only 20 years old and he is another left-handed reliever, yet he will take awhile to make it to the major league level if he even makes it there. Speier is still in class A Michigan and he is considered to be a low ranking prospect in the Braves farm system. Speier hasn’t dominated in class A either as he went 4-2 with a 2.86 ERA in class A last season.

Tigers Grade: B+

Analysis: The Tigers are getting more stability at their position of weakness in center field and they are barely giving up anything to get Maybin.

Braves Grade: C-

Analysis: I expected the Braves to get more for Maybin and I know they might have patience for Krol and Speier to Develop, but neither of those guys are expected to make much of an impact at the MLB level now or in the future.

cameron maybin


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