Reaction: Victorino traded to the Angels

Shane Victorino’s time in Boston is over as the Red Sox traded him along with cash considerations to the Los Angeles Angels for 2nd basemen Josh Rutledge. Victorino hasn’t been productive the past two seasons with the Red Sox as has started to decline with age. The Angels have been desperate for some outfield production and they have had injuries in that area that they’ve had to address recently, but they are really rolling the dice on an aging player like Victorino. He has struggled this year with the Red Sox as he is hitting .245 with only 1 home run so far, but maybe the change of scenery in Los Angeles will make him a more productive player. I think this is a really risky deal for the Angels because of his history of injuries, yet Rutledge wasn’t making an impact for the Angels at the MLB level for the Angels anyway. Meanwhile, Rutledge probably has more of a future with the Red Sox as he is only 26 years old, although he is just likely to give some versatility to the team while Dustin Pedroia is on the DL. Rutledge can play a few positions in the infield and he can probably be used by the Red Sox as a utility player at best. It will be interesting to see how or if he is productive at the MLB level considering that he never got a taste of the MLB level with the Angels this season. The Red Sox needed to get rid of Victorino at some point anyway, so why not get a player that can at least help out at the MLB level when injuries occur. This trade is decent for the Red Sox and it is one of those deals that you won’t really know how good it is until Rutledge gets an opportunity for some playing time.

Angels grade: C- – The Angels desperately needed some help in the outfield because of inconsistent production and injuries which is why they acquired Victorino. However, Victorino is just a 34 year old washed out outfielder that hasn’t been productive with the Red Sox the past 2 years anyway. Maybe a change of scenery will help Victorino, but this is a risky trade for the Angels to make.

Red Sox grade: C+ – Boston needed to get rid of Shane Victorino at some point to make room for some of their younger talent in the outfield, but since they waited so long to trade him then his value went down. Josh Rutledge is nothing more of a fill-in for the Red Sox in the infield and even though is a young player he still doesn’t have much of a future with Boston. Rutledge is just more of a depth piece and he is just an unknown player at this point and we’ll see how well he does with the Red Sox.

shane victorino


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