Reaction: Mets acquire Uribe and Johnson from the Braves

The Mets needed more offensive help so they acquired Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson from the Braves for minor league pitchers John Gant and Rob Whalen. This is a really good trade for the Mets because they were desperate for some offense as they are last in the MLB in batting average currently. Johnson and Uribe aren’t the major impact players that the Mets need offensively, but they are solid major league players with lots of experience. Uribe has a .272 average and 8 home runs, so even at 36 years old he can still produce offensively. Also, Uribe will be key for the Mets because he is a very good defensive player that can fill in at 3rd base while star player David Wright is injured. Kelly Johnson brings New York versatility as he can play many different positions in the field. I don’t quite know what position Johnson will play, but he is a good fill-in when a player is injured or if a player needs rest. Johnson brings very good offensive capabilities as he is hitting .275 with 9 home runs this season and he could even be a good pinch-hitter late in games for the Mets. Johnson and Uribe are solid players and they are better offensively then anyone else currently on the Mets roster. Meanwhile, the Braves knew they wouldn’t re-sign Uribe or Johnson after the season, so it was important that they got something in return. However, the problem is that the Braves barely got anything in return in this deal. John Gant has a 4.70 ERA in Double-A this year and he was a 21st round pick, so there isn’t much upside with him and Rob Whalen isn’t much better as he has a 3.36 ERA in Single-A this season. The Braves could’ve gotten a lot more for Uribe and Johnson which is why this trade puzzles me so much for Atlanta.

Mets grade: A – The Mets needed some more offensive production and Uribe and Johnson should help them in that area. I don’t think this trade makes New York a playoff team, but it will help them to maybe score more runs. This trade also comes cheap as the Mets didn’t give any of their top prospects to get Johnson and Uribe.

Braves grade: D – It makes sense that the Braves would want to get rid of Johnson and Uribe since they probably wouldn’t be able to re-sign them after the season anyway, yet what they got in return is basically laughable. Gant and Whalen have struggled in their minor league careers which leads me to doubt if they will even make it to the MLB level at any point.

juan uribe


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