3 teams that will be sellers at the trade deadline

3. Oakland Athletics – Record: 44-54

Analysis: The Athletics are trying to replenish their minor league system with top prospects after going all in during 2014 by acquiring big name players like Jon Lester and Jeff Samardzija. This season hasn’t quite gone as planned after general manager Billy Beane made a lot of moves this past offseason. Oakland already traded star pitcher Scott Kazmir just a few days ago and I have a feeling that they aren’t done trading away players before Friday’s trade deadline. I’d be shocked if Ben Zobrist is still playing with the Athletics at the start of August as his name has come up a lot in trade rumors. Either way, Oakland is looking to rebuild their team and they will certainly be busy before the trade deadline.

2. Milwaukee Brewers – Record: 43-54

Analysis: Milwaukee has a lot of talent on their roster and I’m pretty sure that almost every player on their roster is available. Gerardo Parra looks like the player most likely to be traded as he has terrific defensive skills and can be used as a 4th outfielder on a contender or even start for a team with injuries in the outfield. Milwaukee could even trade Carlos Gomez and they could surely get some good talent back for him. Either way, Milwaukee isn’t in a position to contend and they have talented players that they are willing to trade.

1. Philadelphia Phillies – Record: 35-63

Analysis: I’d be majorly shocked if the Phillies aren’t busy trading players away before the trade deadline. Big names like Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon, and Ryan Howard all have a very good chance of being traded. The Phillies could get some big prospects if they end up trading those players and it will help to speed up the rebuilding process that the team just started.

cole hamels


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