3 teams that will be buyers at the trade deadline

3. Toronto Blue Jays – Record: 49-49

Analysis: The AL East division is still wide open and the Blue Jays are in a good position to make the playoffs, but the Blue Jays will need to upgrade their pitching before they can be considered serious contenders. Toronto is by far the best offensive team in baseball as they have scored 515 runs so far this season. However, the Blue Jays are 22nd in the league with a 4.04 ERA. I don’t believe Toronto will go after a big name pitcher like Cole Hamels or David Price, but they could acquire a mid-level starter like Carlos Carrasco or Dan Haren. The Blue Jays definitely will be buyers at the trade deadline and they will likely make a move to address their starting pitching.

2. Houston Astros – Record: 54-43

Analysis: Houston already acquired starting pitcher Scott Kazmir, but I have no indication that the Astros are done with acquiring some more players before the trade deadline. The Astros have tons of prospects that they can use to go out and acquire big names, yet it isn’t likely that they go out and acquire another big name starting pitcher. I believe the Astros need to improve their offense the most and it is likely that they go out and get another hitter. Ben Revere would be a good fit because he can fill in while George Springer is injured and he gets on base very well which would help jump start the Astros lineup. Houston also could choose to go out and get a big bat like Adam Lind from the Brewers to replace the duo of Chris Carter and Jon Singleton at 1st base. Either way, the Astros probably aren’t done acquiring talent especially since it has been a long time since they have seen much success.

1. New York Mets – Record: 49-48

Analysis: The Mets have one of the best starting rotations in the league, but the problem is that New York is one of the worst teams in the MLB in terms of offense. Sure, the Mets did just acquire Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson from the Braves, but that trade alone doesn’t make the Mets a playoff team. If New York can acquire a big bat like Jay Bruce or Justin Upton then this team is automatically a playoff team. Also, the team is interested in athletics 2nd basemen Ben Zobrist and that is a deal that I wouldn’t be surprised if they can pull it off. Overall, the Mets are desperate to get a big bat to add to the middle of the lineup or they most likely won’t make the playoffs.

ben zobrist


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