Reaction: Aramis Ramirez traded to the Pirates

3rd basemen Aramis Ramirez has already decided he will retire after this season, but he won’t be finishing off his career in Milwaukee as the Brewers traded him to the Pirates on Thursday for pitcher Yhonathan Barrios. The Brewers are currently 42-54 and out of the playoff race in the national league, so since Ramirez already declared that he was retiring after 2015 then the Brewers knew that they had to at least get something in return for him. Barrios is only 23 years old and he isn’t much of a loss for the Pirates because he will take awhile to develop still, but if the Brewers can at least get something out of him then this trade is worth it on their end. Pittsburgh really needed a player like Ramirez who can fill in while Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer are on the disabled list. Either way, the Pirates need immediate help in their infield and it comes at a low risk since they didn’t give up much to get him. I don’t know how consistent of a hitter that Ramirez still is, yet Pittsburgh doesn’t have any other good options to fill 3rd base right now.

Pirates grade: B – The Pirates are desperate for some help at 3rd base short-term and Ramirez will only be a rental player, but they are just basically filling a short-term need and not giving much at all in return.

Brewers grade: B+ – The Brewers knew Ramirez was retiring after the season, so just getting something in return is a win for them since they aren’t in contention. Barrios probably won’t be an impact player at the MLB level, yet he is a good project for Milwaukee and even if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t hurt them at all.


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