Miguel Cabrera’s injury will severely hurt Detroit’s playoff chances

The Detroit Tigers are already 5 1/2 games out of 1st place in the American league central division, but now with star 1st basemen Miguel Cabrera’s injury the chances of the Tigers even making the playoffs this year are basically slim to none unless they can get somebody to really step up in his place. Cabrera will be out at least 6 weeks because of his calf injury and it is hard to see the Tigers playing well without him. Not only is Cabrera the heart and soul for Detroit, but the major issue is that the Tigers don’t have many internal options to replace him. Alex Avila started on Saturday in Cabrera’s place, but the issue is that Avila is still recovering from an injury himself and there is a question as to whether he will be able to continue playing back-to-back games. Also, Avila’s natural position is catcher and he has only played 3 career games at 1st base, so there is a major question as to whether he will be able to play the position well enough especially since 1st base might be the most crucial position defensively for an MLB team. Either way, the Twins and Royals don’t appear to be going away anytime soon and the Indians appear to be playing much better baseball so it is highly unlikely that the Tigers can compete with those teams especially without Cabrera. I think the best hope for Detroit is to trade for a 1st basemen because there is no way that they can stay in the playoff race with Alex Avila or Austin Romine playing 1st base until the middle of August. This is the worst possible injury that could happen to the Tigers, but they will need to somehow find a way to at least stay in the race until Cabrera comes back.

miguel cabrera


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