Mariners underachieving because of Robinson Cano

Free Agent signing Nelson Cruz has been everything that the Mariners could have asked for as he has had a .326 batting average with 18 home runs, but the problem is that nobody else for the Mariners is helping out at all. The main reason that the Mariners are underachieving in my opinion is mainly because they rely too much on Robinson Cano and he is having an awful season. Cano only has a .238 batting average with 2 home runs and 19 RBI’s in 58 games this season which is not nearly enough production out of any starter in the MLB especially for a guy who is making $24 million just in 2015. The defense has still been there for Cano as he only has 2 errors, but offensively the Mariners need him to play at a superstar level if they want to make the playoffs because Nelson Cruz can’t carry the offense by himself. I don’t see any team running away with the AL West division, so even though the Mariners are 27-33 they still have the pitching so that if Cano and the rest of the offense starts to score more runs then they could compete for a wild card spot. Either way, Cano isn’t living up to his 1-year/$240 million contract that he signed before the 2014 season, although I have confidence that he will get better as the year goes along.



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