Why the Brewers offense is struggling

It has been a miserable start to the season for the Milwaukee Brewers as they own the MLB’s worst record at 2-10 after losing 5-2 to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday. The pitching certainly hasn’t been good at all for Milwaukee, but that is really the least of their problems right now as the Brewers are struggling to score runs. I think the main problem is that they have been lacking production out of two of their best offensive players from last year with Jonathan Lucroy and Ryan Braun. Lucroy has played in 11 games so far this season and he is only hitting .167 with 2 RBI’s. Those are not the kind of numbers that you would expect out of a guy that is hitting at the top of the lineup. Meanwhile, Ryan Braun we consider to be one of the best power hitters in the MLB today, but he has yet to hit a home run this season and he is only .237 in the middle of the lineup for Milwaukee. The problem is that Braun has struggled to make contact and he is striking out way too much, but he needs to start hitting the ball better if Milwaukee wants to get out of this major offensive slump. Jean Segura has been the best hitter for the Brewers so far with a .318 average and 1 home run, but he can’t be relied upon to consistently drive in runs. Carlos Gomez got off to a good start for Milwaukee with 6 RBI’s, although he is currently on the 15-day DL. The most concerning thing is that the team has only hit 3 home runs in the first 12 games and that is what the Brewers offense lived off of last season. Overall, Milwaukee needs Lucroy and Braun the most to step up and deliver the power hitting that they did last season, although it will be difficult for the Brewers to dig themselves out of the early 2-10 record.jonathan lucroy


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